Darcy M’s stunning debut EP, Here With Me, introduces her incredible vocal and songwriting talent to the world. This four track EP of gorgeous love songs exudes summer-time vibes and appeals to both pop fans and discerning aficionados of electronic music and R&B.

The title track, produced by veteran producer Bryan Ford, is a breezy love song accented by acoustic guitar riffs. Darcy M’s beautiful lyrics and vocals are on full display. The song channels the tension we all have felt when we want to express our love to someone for the first time.

Fracasso is a lazy summertime dance groove with Darcy M on vocals backed by a full band led by co-songwriter and producer Kevin Ford (Chicago Afrobeat Project) who plays the Rhodes on the track. Bryan Ford is on guitar. Also featured are drummer Sam Sharp (J. Davis Trio) and bassist Olin Langley (Marvin Tate’s Development).

The third track, Chase Me, is the most electronic song on the EP, delving into nu-disco territory, but with pop appeal. Kevin Ford’s production showcases Darcy M’s dance music range and the power of her vocals.

The last track on the EP, 2 8, opens with Darcy M singing, “On a Sunday afternoon, I could lay by you.” The song’s vivid imagery sets the scene for another incredible summer-time love song. It ends with a neo-psychedelic, backwards guitar solo by Bryan Ford. 28 was also produced by Kevin Ford and performed by a full band.